Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Windmills of our Mind

There's something about windmills that seems to take us back to childhood. When life was simpler and we felt the freedom to be ourselves. I recently provided a windmill workshop for my 50+ group at the Autumn Centre. We all have such a good time as ever and they all enjoyed their final product.

The Rainbow Week

I've been helping out at 'Our Lady's of Walsingham' Primary School. It was their Art Week last week. I taught Class 5 and 6 how to make 'Kusadama' Flowers. They all mastered this origami structure quite well. Each class had a designated colour to work with. However, once the headmaster had seen how beautiful the Kusudama structure was he wanted them to be multi-coloured.

In the class the children produced the individual flowers, I constructed the flower balls at home, they took four hours to assemble. I am so proud of the work the children produced. And even more impressed by the amount of children who went home and badgered their parents for coloured paper so they could make one at home.