Wednesday, 27 February 2013

It's all coming together!

I met up with my collaberative partners, Samantha Robinson and Sharyn Dunn today to make the final adjustments to our work in readiness for the "Synchronise" Exhibition which will begin on the 9th March at the National Centre of Craft and Design at Sleaford. 

Here's a complete list of who will be exhibiting and their medium:-

Jan Garside- Weave
Clare Gage - Ceramics
Gillian Lee Smith (as seen on "Show me the Monet") Sculptural Characters
Pete Moss - Ceramacist and Sculptor
Sharyn Dunn - Installation and Lighting, Paper Sculptor
Ruth Singer - Textiles
Alys Power - Reclaimed Jewellery
J C Middlebrook - Lace Jewellery
Nicola Lidstone - Ceramic Sculptures
Bruce Aitkin - Clock Maker
Kate McBride - Quirky porcelain figures and tea services
Anna Collette Hunt - Ceramics
Phiona Richards - Book Sculptor and Paper Jewellery
Samantha Robinson - Mixed Media Ceramics
Milly Moore - Eclectic Jewellery Treasures
Suet Yi Yip - Ceramics
Katie Almond - Handpainted Ceramics

If you would like to view their work, most of the makers can be found on the Design Factory website.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A new journey

Ten o'clock came and Carole Miles arrived for a meeting to discuss a potential collaberative project.  The coffee was poured, biscuits laid out and we settled down to the business on how we were going to work together and what ideas we had both come up with.  Carole is a local who I would describe as a community artist who exngages adults in some marvellous journeys.  She is an artist that I have wanted to work with for a while and I quite excited that she has chosen to share a new journey with me.

The project that we hope to work on is in another county, so this proved to be the first obstacle as we are both unfamiliar with the area and we need to find out which towns and villages were in a part of Lincolnshire.  The brief only mentions the county councils. Research, research.  As every question came up we tapped them into google and explored various sites until we were satisfied that we had an answer.

Costing, well it has to brooched, I guess  Expenses would have to include an artist day rate, travel expenses materials and sustenance.  We discussed how much time we wanted to work on the project.  The brief provided was very loose, we could engage or entertain.  There was an option of an ice cream van to enable us to move from location to location or we could choose a fixed abode, perhaps a pop-up event.

We talked, researched and planned for a full two hours.  The result is a loose proposal that we hope to pit to the vendor on Saturday before we put it together in black and white.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Finally, back into the swing of things

It isn't until you become ill that you realise how hard being self-employed can be.  If you don't do the normal everyday admin chores, you don't get paid.  There seems to be a lot of flu or nasty viruses that are currently doing the rounds, fortunately they seem to be missing children which I'm makes a change.

It's took me nearly 2 weeks to get over the virus I contracted, then another week to get back to full strength.  Constantly feeling exhausted and no enthusiasm for creativity is not something that I am familiar with. This has been a difficult time for me as I haven't been able to fulfil deadlines, make applications or make work.  Included amongst these deadlines is a collaboration I am currently working on with two other Designer/Makers for an upcoming exhibition at the National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford entitled "Synchronise".

Today, I have been trying to catch up with some administration, a solid 2 hours.  Time flew by and I didn't seem to make a dent.  Them to get myself back into a creative mode I did a little research.  Following on from a simple flower I created for the recent Festival at Words in Nottingham I wanted to continue to explore the notion of erosion of the mind that is often the result of a stroke.

So for about half an hour, I've been looking at jewellery that incorporates seaglass.  I feel the seaglass symbolises erosion from clarity to erasure. I didn't realise that seaglass came in so many colours click on the link, I was surprised Rarity of Seaglass Colours I looked at various ways in which the glass can be encapsulated with wire, crochet and even tatting; all produce stunning results.  The hardest part is to design something that is contemporary, feminine and quite delicate to look at.  My husband worked down in Devon for a couple of seasons many years ago, so I have a good supply of seaglass, but not sure of the sizes. Note to self - dig out seaglass and start sketching and jotting down initial designs.

For the rest of the day I spent folding and machining, not necessarily in that order to move my piece nearer to the "Synchronise" deadline which is 6th March.  Another 250 squares to fold tonight.