Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Blooming Great

This was a fun and experimental page to produce.  I've been working with artist Carole Miles in finding creative ways to use baby wipes to support Anglian Water  with their "Keep it Clear" campaign.  We work under the guise of The Eloquent Fold which comprises of me and Carole Miles a mixed media print community artist.

The difficulty with baby wipes is there reluctance to take on dye of any description.  The colour looks good and positively vibrant when it is wet but by the time it dries it sort of fades and is most disappointing.  I'm determined that there must be something out there that would work.  Brusho is the closest I've come to finding a colouring agent that works.  Still more experimenting I guess. I think we've also come to the conclusion that having the baby wipe material before 

Anyway at Christmas, I worked with Carole at a couple of events spreading the Anglian Water campaign and I decided that I would keep all the used baby wipes that people had used to clean their stamps.  I now have a big stack of them ready to  be experimented on.  I'd seen an video on YouTube where a woman had glued a pre-used dry baby wipe to a journaling page and worked over it. Interesting, I thought, let's give this a  bash.

First I chose a couple of interesting baby wipes and glued them to the page.  One  of which I cut up and only used small sections.  Next I used took one of my home-made stencils and some acrylic paint; lilac and baby blue to stipple over the stencil.  The colours didn't show up greatly but by the time I had added some silver glitter glue and some contracting colours in the centre of the flowers it started to show some promise.

As petals, I used the dots from my hole punch which I had collected from a two workshops I ran around Christmas time.  The finishing touches were, painted acrylic stems in green and a little hand lettered banner.

All is good.