Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Alternative Village Fete

Yesterday, outside the National Theatre, under the shelter of a Tee Pee I was showing children and adults how to make traditional windmills and origami windmill pin badges. This event brings together a selection of artists that offer whimsical creations to buy or make, performances from another era or food you may not have tasted before.

Unfortunately, because I was so busy, I didn't get to see much. Although I did manage to peep my head out once and see some dancers performing the jitter bug. Thanks to my mother I know a lot of the music from that era, so at one point I was singing and jigging along to the sounds on offer. Surprisingly, no-one batted an eye (not that it would have stopped me anyway)

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

and the winner of the handmade paper is.....

Thank you to all who left me comments... it was much appreciated. The winner of six pages of paper was picked by my husband who chose a number at random.

So-oo-ooooo CONGRATULATIONS........ Eric Fynn aka @jcem you are the winner.....you children will be delighted to have some more materials to create with.....

Please make sure you send me your address, via twitter or via my website Rare Notions and I will send out you handmade paper.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Twitter #sbs winner Sunday 14th August 2011!!

This morning at about 1.45 am, I discovered that I had been re-tweeted by Theo Paphitis for the #sbs (Small Business Sunday). What a blast....

This became very obvious when I discovered that my followers had leapt up by 100 and there were about 200 emails from Twitter.

I try and tweet my business every week but quite often forget. I would say that I have tried about half a dozen times, perhaps ten times at the most. Each attempt, I would wait for something to happen, then realise as it was so quiet, I probably hadn't made the grade. I analyised what the successful #sbs business were trying to say. Short, sweet and clever was my initial thoughts... but still no success.

Then the light went on, you know the one you see in cartoons shining brightly above your head with the obligatory phss phss sound. What was missing in my tweet was a connection to my branding.... why did I use old books, it could be any books, why old, why tatty, why miscoloured books. And there was the answer...

So my tweet for my business for #sbs was:

I have been away from the computer all the morning so I have been relying on my phone to allow me to reply to all the lovely comments and congratulations I am receiving. How I'm going to get my book work done I'll never know.....