Thursday, 4 March 2010

For all you chicken lovers out there.............................. Here's Cluckie

Do you know I really need to stop myself from taking on board random things to do. My latest was Chux Tux. I am a member of Freecycle. I love to think that I am doing my bit to stop things going in the landfill and prolonging the life of inanimate objects at the same time. Over the years I have given and received some great stuff.

Back in Janua
ry I read a post requesting Wool and Knitting Needles. These are the posts that usually interest me as I have a stack of wool and a good collection of knitting needles at the ready for anyone who would like to learn. On this occasion the lady in question was very ambitions and wanted to not only learn to knit but to make 6 Chux Tux (jumpers) for some battery hens she was giving a home to at the end of February.

After tracking a pattern down online I realised that it would be a bit difficult for a beginner to do. So I offered my services. They had to be ready for the end of February in time for the hens arrival. Along the way my son's class coincidentally did a project on battery hens so the lovely lady, Bex, allowed them to name one.

You've guessed it Cluckie.

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