Monday, 21 March 2011

Flower Arranging at the Autumn Centre

Flower arranging seems to be a popular activity at the moment with the 50+ group courtesy Ina, one of the members who used to be a professional florist.

Image: Left Josie, Right Ina

I have run the 50+ group now for about 8 years. The ethos of the craft is to encourage members to join together, be social and try new craft skills enabling them to interact with the materials to use the fine motor skills that we lose as we get older.

They are friendly bunch and it is left very open, there is no obligation to attend on a weekly basis. Numbers go up and down depending on mood, health and holidays.

Recently, there have been two new members Margaret, (shown left) who joined the Centre about 6 weeks ago with her husband (who has joined the painting group), and Naomi.

I have seen Noami intermittently, and always asked her if she would like to join but she has always seemed busy caring for other members. On Friday, she decided that she would like to create a large flower arrangement that she could donate to the raffle. A women after my own heart, leave the walking out and just go onto the marathon. Yes, you've guessed it, Naomi had never attempted flower arranging before. Well, Naomi, you didn't do half bad.

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