Sunday, 29 April 2012

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


Letticeleaf said...

Alright, All right...

I know it's called 'Silent Sunday' however I need to know is this frog resident in your garden NOW? And if so please tell me how you have attracted him?

I have incorporated a small pond i.e. large flower pot sunk into the potager and had only managed to secure the services of one water snail. Then blow me down with a feather, on Friday he was discovered getting 'friendly' with ANOTHER of the same. Where the devil have they turned up from? AND will a frog follow the well slithered path one wonders?

Happy Days.


Greenby Nature said...

Silent only with regard to the photo. Keeps it less complicate letting the image speak for itself.

With regards to the frog, I don't do anything. I have a water pot by the back door for the cat and I regularly find them there. I always worry they will drown so I usually put in something so they can climb out again if they wish.

Love seeing them though.