Wednesday, 20 June 2012


On Sunday I travelled down to London to do my part in overseeing the Seek & Adore Boutique at this year's Treasure event.  I travelled down by train which took half an hour longer than it should have done being the weekend.  At least the train was quiet.

It's been a little while since I have been to Somerset House so coming out of Temple underground station I was a little lost.  After asking the ticket man from the underground, I ended up helping a visiting American who was desperate for 'the restroom'.  As we walked towards Somerset House she shared with me how she was on a weekend visit to London.  Gosh she is going to have some jetlag I was thinking on the return home.

We were greeted by a plain black and white decorative sign which marked our arrival and then another more decorative directional sign. I rummaged in my bag for my passport as it was required in order for me to claim my stand badge.  As I looked up who should I see but a twitter friend Pip Jolley that I had met at the #SBS (Small Business Sunday) Theo Paphitis event that I had attended earlier in the year.  She was wearing a couple of her signature pieces aka hair rollers.

I have to report the standard of excellence from the whole show was one to be envied although a little overpowering. It featured an abundance of precious gems and metals alongside plastic, latex and resin.  I was pleased to see Tatty Devine was there (not in person) and the fish and dinosaur pieces that had caused so much controversy on Twitter were there.  They look a lot more effective in person. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to photography for obvious reasons but I was able to take a few of my favourites from the boutique I was a part of.  The event also hosted a VIP area where guests could be taken for a glass of bubble, just wish I'd been able to pursuade someone to treat me. 

Although there was a lot of variety in our area, I have to say my three favourite makers from the Seek & Adore Boutique were:-


Anna Calvert

Lorraine Gibby

Grainne Morton

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