Wednesday, 18 July 2012

MADE London

Kate Bajic
 Yours truly has been selected to be part of MADE London in October and will be sharing a stand with fellow Design Factory members Kate Bajic, Caroline Kirton and Tracie Muchison.

Caroline Kirton
Yesterday we had our first meeting to plan how we are going to plan our stand and display our work.  Caroline and Tracie are from the London area so travel is less of an issue.  However for Kate and myself we will have to travel down to London possibly on the train carrying our stock for the three day event.  This is where the clever bit comes in.  Do we hire display cabinets that are set up for us to just fill or do we design something that just folds up and also carries the stock in.  I’m thinking vintage case with stand at the moment with fold away legs.

Tracie Murchison
As makers sharing a stand we have to make sure that it is both eye catching and our work compliments each other.  Should the stand be a gallery set where we all have the same display cabinets or should it appear to be 4 separate designer/makers who sharing a space. Said space is 3 metres by 5 metres which seems a lot, but you have to bear in mind that visitors to the show need to be able to move about the area without knocking things or sweep things off in passing. So , for example, 2 trestle style tables opposite each other would not leave much space for visitors.

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