Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Made in Northamptonshire Pop-up Shop

Last week I went along to the pop-up shop on St Giles Street in Northampton, where I have some of my work.  I had been asked by Morag Ballantyne from Creative Northants if I would mind being interviewed in the shop for NEP (Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership) and LOVE NORTHANTS.  Being a lady that is usually quick off the mark, I managed to mesh this with a stint as a shop assistant which is part of the agreement.

Since the shop opened in December 2012, I havent had the opportunity to visit.  I was eager to see how the shop was laid out, it's location and what other Designer/Makers were supplying the shop.  I have to say I wasn't disappointed.

The shop is situated on St Giles Street which is centrally located.  The layout of the shop is over two floors.  The downstairs being the main selling area for jewellery and home items and the upstairs a rather super gallery space.  I explored both and I have to say that the shop has a lovely feel to it.  This is all in part to Helen Senogles who runs the shop.  She has a good eye for detail and allows each peice of work to compliment the next.

Here is some of the work you are likely to see by local Designer/Makers:-

I spotted these beautiful italian leather sketchbooks and notebooks in the window.  They are made by handbag designer Aysha Warrak.

Glancing around these handbags almost jumped into my arms.  Felt handbags with vintage buttons handstitched over their surface. These small and unique bags are beautifully crafted by Val Goldfinch. I have added one of these to my wish list.

On my way up to the gallery space I spotted these heads by Diane Hopkins and immediately thought of gargoyles and Easter Island.

The shop houses the work of 40 local Designer/Makers, so if you are fed up with the high street, factory produced monotony and perhaps would rather spend your money on good quality locally crafted loveliness and would like to support individual makers then this is the locale for you.

Finally, as the camera crew arrived, I spotted these two beauties by Diane Macre.  Unfortunately, their schedule had been changed and they didn't have time to include me in their interview.  However, I did get to witness Helen, promote the shop, the makers and her pride in Northamptonshire.  Well Done Helen.

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