Saturday, 18 March 2017

Book of Days Project - Day Two

Carole was the lead artist and showed both groups some simple printmaking techniques using her portable printing press.  There was plenty of materials to choose from, feathers, lace and various shapes. And I think both groups enjoyed the process.

This week we had some new faces and some people from the previous week couldn't make it at both libraries.  It's a good job that Carole and I had factored this into the project and made up some spare books.

It is always interesting how at the beginning of the session you see puzzled faces but by the end more confident faces appear and the pages are carefully planned accordingly.  I can't wait to see what the group will come up with next week as they start to fill their pages.

As usual the sessions rounded up with a lovely cup of tea or coffee all served in Carole's lovely vintage china.  We both agreed that this was our favourite print from the day.

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