Thursday, 17 June 2010

'e' exhibition, energy producing kinetic sculpture


Art Republic - Molly Fletcher and Tom Wilkinson

On Friday 17th June I attended the preview night at The Natural World Centre, Whisby. Although it was a long drive, I felt it was definitely worth attending. I took my little boy who is ten and he thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the various pieces.

'Exhibition of Kinetic Sculpture 2010 – 2012 Introducing an Exhibition of Kinetic Sculpture, ‘defined by motion’, focusing on sustainability and environmental impact. A three year project investigating the links between sculpture and renewable energy with the ultimate aim of developing beautiful sculpture with energy producing qualities. Involving Artists, Sculptors, Engineers, Designers, Inventors, DIY’ers, Students and School Children....' Mark Clarke, event organizer.

There were some very interesting pieces as well as a selection of eco/sustainable work by artists for the Design Factory. I think undoubtedly my favourite piece was the 'Dandelion' which was spun round by the wind and looked like a Catherine Wheel with sparkles. Click on the link to view the sculpture in action.

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