Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Buttons and patches and the cold wind blowing, The days pass quickly when I am sewing.

I recently made a delightful purchase of some jet buttons.  It is something I've been thinking about for a while for some jewellery pieces I have in mind, that and incorporating hooks and eyes (which I explored for a little while at University).  They were quite expensive, but compared to what.  Whitby Jet  is rapidly diminishing and was originally used in mourning jewellery by the Victorians who took the whole occasion of death rather theatrically.

After paying for the beads I waited about 3 days for my package to arrive.  I was really excited as it brought back all those lovely feelings as a child when I used to sit in the sewing room and look through the buttons like I was looking through a box of precious jewels.  Amongst my treasures I have some beautiful jet and metal shoe buttons which I still have to this day. I carefully took off the brown paper to find a layer of bubble wrap with a blue piece of paper(which has been turned purple by the camera) just underneath, it read:-

 Imagine my delight, not only had I purchased a personal collection but it was coming in it's original container.  Now, believe me, the temptation here was to rip off the bubblewrap as though I was playing pass the parcel and get to the next layer, but I had no idea what the box was going to be made of tin, card, plastic.  I took a deep breath, carefully removed the note from Jessica and peeled back the bubblewrap.

How beautiful.  I don't know whether you can see it, I think that Jessica's grandma may have handwritten 'Jet Buttons' on the box.  The box itself, an old stockings box must come from either the 50's or 60's.  By this time I was wearing a huge grin in anticipation of what my purchase had been all about - the buttons.

What an absolute adventure, the suspense still continued as I noted that the buttons were carefully wrapped in white tissue paper and almost tucked in the box ready for the next delighted participant.  I carefully lifted out the bundle and gently peeled back the paper so as not to tear it.  Here is what I found:-

I took my time appreciating every single group of buttons as quite a few of them were strung together.  I counted 350 buttons in total, what a find, they should keep me busy for a while yet.  There was also an odd buckle and an Art Deco bracelet which needs re-threading (I think I might be keeping those)  the rest will be absorbed into new jewellery pieces that I am planning for next year.


Ruth Singer said...

they look beautiful but I doubt many of them are really jet - it is very rare. The buckle looks like it might be. A lot of black buttons are glass though. Would be interested to see them sometime. Still lovely though.

bronia sawyer said...

They are lovely I was asking at charity shops for old buttons a few years ago for some book sculptures. a lady tapped me on the shoulder and asked "did you say you were looking for buttons" she had 3 tins that used to belong to her mother and gave me them all. I smiled for a week :) Isnt it lovely to look through some one elses collection of beautiful things. Your new collection looks beautiful, cant wait to see what lovely things you make with them. happy creating :)

Tickled Pink said...

How wonderful, and how lovely that they have found their way to someone who will appreciate them as much as Grandma did.

Judith Brown said...

So lovely to get them in the box they've been kept in for years. I got some 1930s/40s hooks and eyes this week, a whole box full in the original Newey's supplier box,amazing condition too.