Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Interview with Sharyn Dunn

Tell me about your current body of work?
My current main work is producing interesting and thought provoking lighting, sculptures and wall pieces produced from a mixture of papers and metals.

By using various light sources I am able to display hidden textures and designs often missed when using a simple item such as a piece of paper.  Coupling this with repetition and manipulating these shapes leaves me able to produce chandeliers and lights with a different appeal.

I find your work truly stunning, what is your inspiration?
Inspirations come from within the organic forms found in nature and from their constant repetitions producing an array of designs and patterns.

Have you always earned you living by being creative?
Throughout my career I have been involved in various forms of art or craft, and at one stage owned a knitwear company designing and producing garments for high end boutiques and shops in SE England.

Why University?
I started to turn my hand to Interior Design which involved various other crafts I realised a need to “do something more” and decided to consolidate my skills and return to University on a design/crafts course.  I felt this would allow me to experience and master various crafts across a selection of disciplines – my favourites being metals, paper and mixed media.

Did you see any major changes following your degree?
Yes, on the completion of my degree the obvious option for me was to work as a self employed designer and maker.  Obviously this comprised of many applications to various shows and exhibitions throughout the country, building up a practice and improving and developing my designs.  It’s hard work but definitely fulfilling.

So, how did ‘The Collective’ come about?
It soon became clear to me that there were very few opportunities for new designer/makers to exhibit their work within the Midlands and definitely nothing which would show the opportunities a Design Craft course would offer to a prospective student other than the New Designers show in London for graduates.

The idea initially for me to set up the group “The Collective”, was to show the diversity of skills and quality of workmanship we had achieved, and provide another stepping stone for new designers building their careers.

Are there any future plans for 'The Collective'? 
The intention for me in the future is to extend our group, and take the exhibition on tour to galleries throughout the country, displaying our skills and showing how the development of a creative group of graduates move on to become accomplished craftsmen in their fields.

What are the details for this year's exhibitions
This year's exhibition will be at Creative Hinckley Gallery, The Atkins Building, Lower Bond Street Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 1QU

Monday 26th March to Saturday 5th May 2012

Opening times:- 9.00am to 5.30pm

There are also plans for some workshops whilst the exhibition is running, by Katie Almond, Phiona Richards and Samantha Robinson. Prices £20.00 - £25.00 To book a place please contact Creative Hinckley

Samantha Robinson "Springtime Inspirations" Saturday 31 March

10am to 1pm Make a beadwire brooch inspired by Easter or Spring
2pm to 4pm  Suffolk Puff brooches

Phiona Richards "A day of Paper Jewellery" Saturday 7 April

10am to 1pm  Paper beads to create a pretty necklace
2.00 to 4pm  Paper roses to embellish a brooch or hairslide

Katie Almond "Choose Ceramics" Friday 20 April
10am to 12pm Make a ceramic brooch
1pm to 4pm   Ceramic beads or tiles

If you'd like to find out more about Sharyn please visit her website.

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