Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A new journey

Ten o'clock came and Carole Miles arrived for a meeting to discuss a potential collaberative project.  The coffee was poured, biscuits laid out and we settled down to the business on how we were going to work together and what ideas we had both come up with.  Carole is a local who I would describe as a community artist who exngages adults in some marvellous journeys.  She is an artist that I have wanted to work with for a while and I quite excited that she has chosen to share a new journey with me.

The project that we hope to work on is in another county, so this proved to be the first obstacle as we are both unfamiliar with the area and we need to find out which towns and villages were in a part of Lincolnshire.  The brief only mentions the county councils. Research, research.  As every question came up we tapped them into google and explored various sites until we were satisfied that we had an answer.

Costing, well it has to brooched, I guess  Expenses would have to include an artist day rate, travel expenses materials and sustenance.  We discussed how much time we wanted to work on the project.  The brief provided was very loose, we could engage or entertain.  There was an option of an ice cream van to enable us to move from location to location or we could choose a fixed abode, perhaps a pop-up event.

We talked, researched and planned for a full two hours.  The result is a loose proposal that we hope to pit to the vendor on Saturday before we put it together in black and white.

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