Monday, 25 February 2013

Finally, back into the swing of things

It isn't until you become ill that you realise how hard being self-employed can be.  If you don't do the normal everyday admin chores, you don't get paid.  There seems to be a lot of flu or nasty viruses that are currently doing the rounds, fortunately they seem to be missing children which I'm makes a change.

It's took me nearly 2 weeks to get over the virus I contracted, then another week to get back to full strength.  Constantly feeling exhausted and no enthusiasm for creativity is not something that I am familiar with. This has been a difficult time for me as I haven't been able to fulfil deadlines, make applications or make work.  Included amongst these deadlines is a collaboration I am currently working on with two other Designer/Makers for an upcoming exhibition at the National Centre for Craft and Design in Sleaford entitled "Synchronise".

Today, I have been trying to catch up with some administration, a solid 2 hours.  Time flew by and I didn't seem to make a dent.  Them to get myself back into a creative mode I did a little research.  Following on from a simple flower I created for the recent Festival at Words in Nottingham I wanted to continue to explore the notion of erosion of the mind that is often the result of a stroke.

So for about half an hour, I've been looking at jewellery that incorporates seaglass.  I feel the seaglass symbolises erosion from clarity to erasure. I didn't realise that seaglass came in so many colours click on the link, I was surprised Rarity of Seaglass Colours I looked at various ways in which the glass can be encapsulated with wire, crochet and even tatting; all produce stunning results.  The hardest part is to design something that is contemporary, feminine and quite delicate to look at.  My husband worked down in Devon for a couple of seasons many years ago, so I have a good supply of seaglass, but not sure of the sizes. Note to self - dig out seaglass and start sketching and jotting down initial designs.

For the rest of the day I spent folding and machining, not necessarily in that order to move my piece nearer to the "Synchronise" deadline which is 6th March.  Another 250 squares to fold tonight.

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