Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Our third Creative Session at Boston Library for A Small Library of Big Ideas

So after a week off, The Eloquent Fold, aka artists Carole Miles and Phiona Richards return to Boston Library with what was to be our third creative session supported by volunteers and staff from Transported.

The first session involved making books and starting to create pages, the second creative session involved using a portable printing press to create fun and colourful pages with Carole expertise and making a second book with me for our Small Library of Big Ideas.

For our third session we decided to concentrate on using the pages that the group been started in previous weeks or printing at last week's session to start to illustrate their ideas.

The session started with an engaging and inspiring introduction by Carole about Big Ideas and how we can make them happen.

Carole brought along a lovely selection of vintage pens for people to hand write their ideas.  This was a lovely idea and was received with both curiosity and intrigue.  Not many people use a good old fashioned fountain pen these days.  I brought along a step by step hand-out to act as an aide for people to formulate their ideas.  I had noticed in the previous weeks that decorating the pages wasn't an issue and something that the group enjoyed doing, but coming up with ideas then breaking them into manageable bite sized parts was met with a little confusion.

Using this hand-out both Carole and myself were able to steer people in the right creative direction allowing them to move forward for the completion of their book.

To ensure the prints were the right size, Carole made template frames for people to place over their prints from last week.

As the workshop progressed, the group seemed to get quieter and quieter as they concentrated on the matter in hand, which ended up being some fantastically creative pages which presented their Big Ideas for the Small Library which will be left behind for the visitors to the library to explore and take up ideas or sit and be creative amongst the bookshelves.

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A Small Library of Big Ideas is part of Transported (Creative People and Places) project Open Book.

Transported is a strategic, community focused programme which aims to get more people in Boston Borough and South Holland enjoying and participating in arts activities.  It is overseen by a Management Group, a sub committee of Leisure in the Community, with arts NK as its lead organisation.  It is funded by the Creative People and Places fund from the Arts Council, England

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