Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Eloquent Fold at Boston Library for the Small Library of Big Ideas - 2nd session

.....and so after a very successful and popular first session at Boston, Carole and I return to Boston Library.

In the second session Carole brought along her portable printing press to allow participants to the workshop to have a go at printing their own pages.  People really enjoyed the process of printing and many pages were created.
It was lovely to see a few returners from week one and some new people join us, both adults and children.

Due to the space needed for the printing press, we split into two areas of the library.  Carole having the main section of the library so people could see what was going on as soon as they entered the library.  I was in the reference library using an old wooded table.  I took people through the step by step process of how to make a folded book.
All morning long we were kept busy with turnabout, as people who had completed their books went out into the main area of the library to print pages and visa versa.

It was certainly a full on day and having the two areas to work in made all the difference.

Photographs by Carole Miles

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