Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Eloquent Fold takes the Small Library of Big Ideas to Long Sutton Library

It was lovely to return to this library.  It had been our favourite space last year, for it's light airy atmosphere and the positive vibe that seemed to ring through the place.  Again,  we were not disappointed. we had a hearty hello from Astrid one of the librarians and  we met new people and greeted old friends from last year's project.

The drive into Long Sutton was a bit showery and overcast, but as usual, the skies seemed to brighten as we approached our destination.

Since Boston, Carole and I have re-viewed our sessions and decided to make a few changes to allow them to flow a little easier on guiding people through the ideas creating process.

So this week was all about learning how to make the book structure and starting to think and plan initial ideas. Although we had brought stamping equipment with us it was not needed.  This almost became a bonding session where the group got to know each other and the way Carole and I work as artists.

Our group felt very much like a micro community supporting each other, sharing and suggesting alternatives or adaptations to their ideas. One lady shared how excited she was to be part of the project and was looking forward to next week.  We were supported by the lovely team from Transported Art who made sure we had everything we needed included a bountiful supply of tea, coffee and biccies.

Although the group started with 5 ladies it soon expanded when two gentlemen from last year's project appeared.  Unfortunately one of the chaps hadn't been aware of the sessions, but I feel that will be remedied next week.

So, I can see our little group expanding as the weeks go by.

Next week: Carole will bring along her portable printing press.  I love dabbling in printing, but there is never seems to be enough time. I love the vibrant pages that churn there way out of this wonderful machine and the pride that shows in the faces of the people who have a go.

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