Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year - I wonder if I could manage a Daily Art Journal?

And so another year is other and a new one begins.

I quite often see people doing daily challenges and I've always wanted to have a go to see if I can keep up the momentum along with all the other things that happen in my practice.  Over the last few months of last year I was experimenting with daily writing which I got quite into.  I used it as a way of decluttering my mind from all the things that clog me up, make me worry or anxiously ponder over.  It started as a decluttering of the mind to becoming quite auto-biographical, then evolved into what I had achieved in the previous day and things I was hoping to achieve in the present day.  Although useful, I found it quite time consuming and restrictive.  I think on quieter days, it could be useful, but not so much on the days I have to dash out to do a workshop or attend a meeting.

I also dipped into art journalling, which I see as a way of combining the daily writing and sketching randomly and enjoying the moment.  I am very focused when it comes to my making.  I have an idea, I research it, draw down ideas, sample, adjust and come to a conclusion whether to take things forward or not. I never allow my mind to wander creatively unless it is to explore craft techniques.

So this year, with my upcoming Africa trip I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get myself into the habit of using a journal-come sketch book to explore random ideas, thoughts, experiences etc.

Today,  I've used a little view into my kitchen.  I adore my vintage teapot which is akin to a Cosyware version although it had a bobble missing.  I tracked down one that may look out of place to others but absolutely perfect for me.

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