Monday, 20 June 2016

Picture Perfect

This art journal page has actually evolved since I finished it.  I have been experimenting with bleach on paint and it's bled through to this page.  I quite like it actually.

I always have a starting point with a page it could be a word, a picture or something I see during the day.

In this instance I had an image of a Victorian woman using a trip-pod to take her photographs.  Then I created the doodled  wood.  Thin trees which would allow me to add something of interest. I decided on hot air balloons as they are slow and it perhaps would have been something an old camera would pick up.  I used some free images on line.  I then used one of my stencils and some hot shots acrylic paint to add a bright grid in the  background before applying the trees and hot air balloons.

I had intended to transfer the image directly onto the page but the colour didn't transfer as well as expected so I had to hand draw the details with a Gelliroll  glaze pen which ended up making the women look like a transfer.

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