Thursday, 16 June 2016

Tomato Rolls

Odd title for a journal page I know, but tomato rolls always give me happy thoughts.  Again, strange I hear you say.

It's a meandering story with lots of tendrils.  Tomatoes, make me think of my muvver whose time to leave me was in 2011.   She was a very strong but gentle women who was well respected and loved in the family and before she passed she saw and held a great grandchild and a great great grandchild.

She was first married at nineteen, she told me she was far to young.  Her husband, Osbourne (his surname) was in the services and was quite often posted away so my Mum was left with meagre means to live on.  So she decided to grow tomatoes, this she said helped her through the rough times when all she could afford was a loaf of bread.

At fifteen, she took me on a tour of the castles in Scotland.  No hotel, no place to stay, we would find somewhere when we got there.  At the time I was horrified, this unsettled me that there was no plan.  Remember this was in the days before the internet so you couldn't just do a search to see if there were places to stay.

We ended up staying in a lovely B & B and used that as our base.  Each day we would go out and visit a different castle or place of interest armed with tomato rolls, mushroom soup, some tunnock bars and a flask of tea.

These memories stay with me and even to this day, if I am out for the day I am more than happy taking with me some rolls, tomatoes and a fruit knife.

And how did I create the page?  Using, alcohol pens, tissue paper, water soluble crayons and a pen.

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