Monday, 9 May 2011

Do you need a reason to visit First Anniversary: Paper Exhibition?

One: The most obvious, to visit an all paper exhibition. If you are a fan of paper and what can be created with it, then this is definitely for you.

Two: Location, location, location. Unit Twelve is found on a working farm set in the beautiful Stafford Countryside.

Three: The curator of the exhibition is Jennifer Collier, so to met her in person and to see her studio will give you a very real connection to why artists work with paper.

Four: The way the exhibition is set out allows you to appreciate the various styles of the artists without being overwhelmed.

Five: Unit Five houses 4 other designer/makers, Helen Roberts, Lauren Crawford, Jo Hill, and Abbey Costello

Six: Get the chance to talk to the designer/makers first hand, perhaps see them working.

Seven: The chance to sign up to some very exciting workshops.

Eight: Whilst you are there you have the opportunity to buy yourself a little something from the five designer makers.

Nine: Pick up a leaflet so that you can make your return visit for the next exhibition.

Ten: Disover 25 spectacular designer/makers working in paper: Phiona Richards, Helen Roberts, Jennifer Collier, Jo Pond, Clare Hillerby, Betty Pepper, Susan Cutts, Helen Musselwhite, Hannah Lobley, Iain Perry, Claire Brewster, Rebecca J Coles, Jane Ponsford, Katherine Richmond, Ruth Singer, Saloukee, Priscilla Jones, Ruth Allen, Rachel Eardley, Magie Hollingsworth, Becky Adams, Anya Keeley, Shellie Holden and Julie Arkell

If you do get the opportunity to visit this exhibition perhaps you would like to let me know your thoughts by making a comment.

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