Sunday, 1 May 2011

'Regenerate' Exhibition

This is an exhibition I am currently taking part in which is taking place at Forge2 Gallery in Culworth, Northamptonshire. The theme is one of spring and rebirth, and will incorporate associated topics such as recycling and sustainability. It will run from 8th April until 30th June.

Apart from my work other artists associated with this exhibition are:-

Kylie Coles is a Contemporary Woodturner. She layers paper onto wood then turns it created stunning aesthetically pleasing pieces.

Craig Ennew is a UK based illustrator and graphic designer.
He creates original and experimental compositions using a variety of media.

Adam Bridgland has been described as
'your favourite leisure time artist', Adam explores everyday objects such as colouring book image, travel guidebooks, and scout camping paraphernalia. From this inspiration he produces work that could be described as kitsch and humorous, but is poignant.

Julia Davey is a cermacist who produces evocative work. She will be showing framed mounted butterflies which a made of wafer thin earthenware a They are held aloft by small square pieces of white foam board and angled using the golden pins.

Marion Brandis creates bespoke mosaics and ceramics which are both colourful and upliftiing.

Aardvark on Sea & Zeroh
produce linocuts which are lovingly carved and printed in thieir ramshackle studio using only FSC certified/recycled papers and environmentally friendly inks.

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