Saturday, 4 August 2012

Adventures in Paperland - Paper Casting

I've spent pretty much all day last Friday working with paper pulp.  It was a follow on from the previous Thursday, when I wanted to have a go at paper casting.  I really would love to able to make a clean impression of a crocheted doilly.  Oh the joy of capturing the stitches.  This is something that has been on the back boiler for a while, amongst the other multitude of ideas and techniques that I want to explore.  However, setting time aside, and then not getting too absorbed is something I find quite difficult.

Like most things, when you create, you need to give yourself time to take the any new technique you have learnt or taught yourself and then allow yourself time to experiment and then develop the technique to suit your own purposes.  We can all copy, it's easier, but not as satisfying.

 So here's my attempt at papercasting. For this, I used toilet roll paper and laid it across the doilly, first vertically, then horizontally.  I repeated these layer making sure I damped each layer using a plant sprayer.  Once I had a few layers I left it to dry in the sun.  Once dry I removed the crochet, and voila!  I'm wondering what it would look like using paper pulp.

to be continued

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