Thursday, 9 August 2012

Adventures in Paperland - using the pulp

My initial plan for the pulp was to try using the same crocheted doilly to make and impression.  However, something inside of me kept telling me that I need to make either a clay impression or get a vac  form impression, so I won't damage the doilly.  Sound advise so I think I will wait.

So I chose to work with shapes instead.  I dug out my stencils and pastry cutters that I use for craft groups and looked through for a simple shape.  I chose a heart,  I know it can be interpretted as a valentine symbol but my thought process was taking me to gift tags for family and friends.  Ideal for Christmas and Birthday pressies.

The next thing I had to do was lay out a few paper making frames, which were going to serve as drainage trays.  Then I put all the pulp into a bowl so it was easier to transfer it from this instead of the food processing bowl.

I laid the heart shaped cookie cutter onto the gauze placed a straw near the top then scooped up a small amount of pulp and popped it inside the shape.  Then using a clay tool softened the edges.  It was a little bit tricky holding the straw whilst distributing the pulp but I just about managed it.  The reason for the straw was so there would be a hole to thread ribbon through when the shape was dried. 
I continued in this way until all the frames were filled and I had finished all the paper pulp.

The tray of frames were then put on the shed roof to dry.  I will share with you how they turned out in the next post.

to be continued


bronia sawyer said...
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bronia sawyer said...

I bought a paper making capsule a few weeks ago but have never used it. this could be the inspiration i need.

I will try use it soon. the hearts youve made are lovely