Sunday, 7 August 2011

Handmade Paper Giveaway

Draw will be held for this giveaway on Monday 15th August!!

As you have probably read if you have been following my exploites on here and Twitter, I have been re-visiting papermaking. This a fantastically cheap and eco friendly craft as you are re-using what already exists instead of sending it to landfill.

My first batch of paper using scraps of book paper were delightful with odd words left across the pages. Once dry, these were turned into product tags for my jewellery (see earlier post ...and now for something different papermaking)

Further experiments involved going around the garden and hedgerows and looking for plants that I could include in my paper. Don't worry I didn't go picking wildflowers, because as you know this is illegal under the 1981 Wildlife and Countryside Act. I collected some dandelion heads and some blackberry flowers and fruit, whilst in the garden I collected some lavender, rose petals and lemon balm.

So now I have a nice stack of paper and intend to make many more sheets so I am stocked up for the winter months. But I would like to share 6 sheets with one lucky reader. So leave me a comment and I will draw all the names out of the hat on Monday 15th August. I will announce the winner on here, Twitter and Facebook.

Thanks for reading and Good Luck!!


Emma Goward said...

Heyhey gorgeous lady! I'd love to win some of your handmade paper and use it in my jewellery. Fingers crossed! :-) Xxx

Rhymes With Magic said...

I remember making paper in college. I still have some of the sheets, too, but I never thought about making it with bits of book pages. Pretty!

Anonymous said...

Those paper look lush ans I guess with some words left in it must look a little bit mystical too....intriguing lol x

Lisa Kew said...

Beautiful - I love handmade paper and the variety of 'life' that you get in it - yours look gorgeous.

Molly Smith said...

I cannot imagine making paper. I thought about it several times :) These sheets are gorgeous. And I adore the monogram tags you created!

(I found you via allthingspaper tweet)

Thanks! ~Molly

sweetmyrtle said...

this reminds me of paper i made at art college. i loved adding dried flowers, threads and textures to the pulp. love them! Rtweeted your tweet about this post and now it has appeared on the Alison Brown Daily here!travel ~ though it mentions my RT and includes my twitter profile pic ...weird. anyhow hope you get more blog views because of it : ) HAppy pulping!!

Erica Fynn (@jcem) said...

My three little *monsters/angels (*depends!!!) would love the opportunity to win some gorgeous handmade paper as they have discovered an enjoyment in "doing stuff" and making things from scratch, Jess (9), Jo (6) & Mickie (4) would be very excited to win here's hoping to keep them busy!

listermegan said...

Hi I am a secondary school art teacher.
We teach our BTEC students to make
paper (using a liquidiser). They have
to research paper making artists so
I will defintely make sure they look
at your wonderful sculptures. It will
help them to realise that there are
real artists out there who use paper.
They have to make a sculpture or wall
hanging based on shells with their
Lovely to see your art work.

Greenby Nature said...

Thank you for all your lovely comments this giveaway is now officially closed. I enjoyed it so much, I think I need to think up another one!!