Saturday, 13 August 2011

Bobbing and weaving


I'm just back from a week at the seaside, fully rested and refreshed. Before I went away I was having a play with some different techniques that I could use with paper.

I wanted to try making a basket using some magazines I had left. This is something that has been sitting on the back burner (in my head) for a while. I see the idea being developed int
o a neat workshop where participants can create their own custom container using, what else, but old books. Incorporated with some nice origami embellishments, I feel this would be something different and challenging.

The drinks mat is quite simple to make and suprisingly strong. It's coiling paper until you reach the desired size then slapping on PVA glue on both sides for good measure, strength and a little waterproofing. I really quite like it, although I think I would like to make them a little less chunky.

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