Thursday, 4 August 2011

Le Design a L'Heure Anglais', L'Atelier Gallery, Paris


What an opportunity, to exhibit in Paris the capital of France. Culture, Coissants, Wine and some of the world's most recognised monuments.

Designed by Gustave Eiffel in 1889 for the Worlds Fair. At the time there was a petition by many local artists who saw the structure as .....useless and monstrous. Amazingly nature lovers were concerned that it would disrupt the flight of birds. Within the first year sales of tickets to ride the nine hundred foot elevator covered the construction costs. I wonder whether the same could be said of the London's Gherkin building?

The exhibition at the L'Atelier d'Art de France was a partnership with the Design Factory whom I am a member with. There were 13 place available and many of the members applied. When I heard I had been successful I was over the moon. This was the Design Factory's first international exhibition and my first opportu
nity to showcase my work abroad. This will be an ongoing partnership between the two organizations and in 2013 there will be a return exhibition for 13 French artists to display work in the United Kingdom.

To get a feel for the work that was exhibited you will need to visit Le Design a l'heure anglais on Facebook. Thirteen top designer/makers to WoW Paris with their stunning work.

Alison Yule

Alison work involves weave using hand dyed substainable fibres, she specialises in techniques that industry can’t reproduce. Before the process of weaving can take place she will spend hours designing the fabric, wind a warp and dress the loom.

Lorna Syson

If textiles and sculpture are your thing, I would say Lorna's work is for you. Her work is fun and vivacious. Her pieces are larger than you think and would have a fabulous impact on any interior home. It was a thrill to meet her as I have been a silent fan for a while.

Ashi Marwaha

Her ethically sourced silver jewellery is influenced by the geometrical patterns of India and Islam. Almost floral in appearance she includes a flash or colour or a jewel to enhance the beauty of the intricate structures.

Debbie Bryan

If you haven't visited Debbie Byran Studio & Shop in Nottingham, I strongly recommend you do. Apart from her luscious scarves and resin jewellery pieces it houses many talented designer/makers which suit any ecclectic taste. (Check out the mini books of yours truly)

Jan Garside

I was fortunate enough to get to know Jan whilst in Paris as she was my travelling companion. Her work is a combination of natural fibres and synthetic yarns which give a feeling of a dream like quality. She uses soft, subdued colours which portrays a very distinct quality of light & shadow.

Clare Gage

Clare brings together ceramics and textiles to create delightful collection of playful pieces. Each piece is
produced using handwoven fabric which are transformed into individual moulds and then finalized in porcelaine.

Jeanne Roberts

I was delighted to meet Jeanne, she is like her work, colourful. She creates what she calls 'tapestries' using wet and dry felting processes. She using pre-coloured fibres to form her painterly portraits and landscapes with the aid of digital technology.

Stuart Akroyd

Produced stylised contemporary glass pieces by the technique of glass blowing. His inspiration comes from nature and the fluidity of the glass he works with.

Kate McBride

Is a form of 3D collage work which results in unique and quirky porcelain tea services, cake stands and varying sized figures which, if you look carefully, all tell a story.

Jenny Creasey

Jenny creates fine porcelain vessels which emulate paper in appearance. Their fragility is finite and have a beautiful sculptural quality.

Hannah Lobley

Re-constitutes paper into a wood like material from which she turns on a lathe to form a collection of structures which like wood offer a grain for the viewer to enjoy.

Gill Wilson

I think the most exciting offering at Paris was the work of Gill Wilson. An elaborate display of paper structures which offer a connection to floral arrays. She creates handmade paper using natural fibres then hand dyed.

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